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Case Development

Engaging prospective donors with a compelling and comprehensive case for support.

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Your case powers your fundraising program.

Donors don’t give to organizations—they give to the causes, missions, messages, and stories that move them and make a difference in the world. Your case for support is their invitation to be a part of your work. To help you build that case, Campbell & Company combines the knowledge of a fundraising consultancy, the understanding of the philanthropic sector, and the capabilities of a creative agency.

Your organization will benefit from a process that transforms information into powerful ideas and messages, stories that get to the heart of why your work matters, and materials that help you secure major gifts from donors.

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How We Work Together.

With a unique combination of fundraising knowledge and creative capabilities, Campbell & Company can help engage your stakeholders, build consensus and excitement, and create communications that truly work for you.

Inspiring and Igniting Donors to Take Action.

Campbell & Company has helped hundreds of organizations find new, compelling ways to tell their stories to donors. Through this experience, we have learned the following:

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The importance of listening. Key ideas and illuminating stories can come from anyone in your community. We seek out the heart of your case by engaging your stakeholders, listening to their ideas and experiences, and inviting them to shape your message.

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Fundraising happens in conversation. Our unique perspective on fundraising communications allows us to do work informed by a larger fundraising strategy. It empowers organizations to have meaningful conversations with donors after completing our work.

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Using different materials to strengthen your campaign’s impact matters. A flipbook to support you in one-on-one conversations and a brochure to leave behind afterward. A video for events and your website. A “cheat sheet” to help volunteers stay on message and communicate with passion.

Dust off your case for support

Updating your case for support is a great way to share about the progress achieved and new stories you’ve collected along the way. Campbell & Company’s Communications team can help you keep your case for support fresh and personal.

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