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Privacy Policy

Campbell & Company respects your privacy and is committed to the security of the data we process. This website privacy policy notice provides information on how we collect and process website data and is organized into eight sections.

  1. Purpose of Data Processing
  2. How We Get Data
  3. Data We Process
  4. Legal Basis for Data Processing
  5. Use of Data After Processing
  6. Rights of the Individual
  7. Contacting Campbell & Company
  8. Updates to this Privacy Policy Notice

1.   Purpose of Data Processing

Our website’s main goal is to introduce ourselves to you. We review data about how our website is performing to make sure we are making ourselves most accessible. Additionally, we provide opportunities for our website visitors to express interest in getting further information about our company.

2.   How We Get Data

Data from the website is received in two ways:

  • By automation. When a visitor comes to our site, data related to the site’s performance and their interaction with the website (including cookie-based information) is shared.
  • Through direct entry by you as the visitor.

3.   Data We Process

The categories of data that we collect are outlined in the table below. The table is organized into four parts:

  • Category: The type of data that we are collecting
  • Direct/Indirect: How the data relates to individual persons: either directly or indirectly. Direct or (directly related) means that the data by itself can identify you as an individual. Indirect (or indirectly related) means that the data are related to you as an individual, but would only be able to be connected to you if other direct identifiers were also present.
  • Description: Details regarding the category of data collected are provided.
  • Purpose: Why we need to collect this data.
Category Direct/Indirect Description Purpose
Cookies Indirect This is a piece of information that your browser provides—after you give consent—to the server hosting our website. It allows us to know the type of operating system you are using; the browser used, etc. We utilize HubSpot to track website performance. To learn more about how cookies are generated, please navigate to: Cookies allow us to review the performance of the website and know our general audience better.
Form Information Direct We collect information such as name, employer, job title, and contact information (email/address/phone number). We do this to be able to reach back out to you as requested for a specific purpose. (Each form declares this purpose). Examples include wanting to get more information or registering for a webinar.
Third Party Processors Direct and Indirect We use a third-party provider (HubSpot) to host our website, perform analytics on the site’s performance and connect data that are entered in forms on the site to our company’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. For more information on HubSpot’s privacy practices, please click here. To assist in fulfilling the processing of data so that it is done safely, securely, and efficiently.

4.   Legal Basis for Data Processing

  • All data processed via our website is through consent.
    • We ask for you to allow us to use cookies when you visit our site.
    • We ask for your permission to use data that you provide us through the submission of forms.

5.   Use of Data After Processing

  • Data obtained through cookies is retained as long as is needed.
  • Data obtained through our forms is kept as long as is needed and is integrated with our CRM system.

6.   Rights of the Individual

Website visitors whose data are processed by Campbell & Company have the following rights related to protecting personal information.

  • Right to Know: The individual constituent has a right to know how their data is collected, used, and stored.
  • Right to File Complaint: Individual constituents may file a complaint with Campbell & Company about concerns related to how data is being processed.
  • Right to Access: Individual constituents have a right to access information about data being stored about them. To request a copy of the data specific to an individual constituent, the request must be made in writing by email.
  • Right to Data Portability: All individual requests to access data that are approved per legal requirements will be fulfilled through a common data format. These formats will either be a comma-separated values (CSV) file or a Portable Document Format (PDF) document.
  • Right to be Forgotten: A constituent may request that their individual data, related to a website visit where personal information is provided, be erased. A request for erasure will be reviewed, and a decision communicated to the requestor as required by law.

7.   Contacting Campbell & Company

Questions about how personal data is processed, used, and stored can be directed to the Campbell & Company privacy team by contacting us at or by calling toll free at 877-957-0000.

8.   Updates to this Privacy Policy Notice

Campbell & Company reserves the right to change this privacy policy notice as needed. Notification of changes will be posted on the Campbell & Company website, The date at the top of the privacy policy notice shows the date of the most recent privacy policy notice and references the date of the version it is replacing.