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Door to Discovery Campaign

The Overlake School

When we began work on Overlake’s campaign, we knew that anything we did had to capture the unique character and voice of the school: a place with a stunning campus tucked inside a grove of trees outside of Seattle, a tight-knit community of teachers, families, and students with strong personal relationships, and boundless opportunities for students to explore their interests in and outside of the classroom.

Door to Discovery Campaign Tablet

The Foundation: A Campaign Name and Theme

For our first challenge together, we worked with our partners at Overlake to build a campaign identity that students, parents, and faculty could see and hear and think: this is us. Doors to Discovery brings to life what is already flourishing at Overlake—the sense that every student can discover themselves and their passions—and the excitement around all of the new discoveries their campaign will make possible.

Messaging: The Vision Deck

With the theme of discovery at Overlake as our foundation, we wove together a cohesive story of Overlake’s campaign that captured its urgency and vision and why it matters for students. This image—and message-driven presentation has equipped school leaders to truly convey the campaign plans at an overarching level—whether in a staged presentation or in one-on-one conversations.

Door to Discovery Campaign
Door to Discovery Campaign

Leave-behind: The Brochure

Overlake’s campaign brings together three distinct projects under a larger vision for the school. To capture it all, we designed a print piece that tucks three project inserts into a larger visionary brochure. This versatile format allows campaign leaders to tailor their conversations to donors with different interests.