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Alumni Engagement

Alumni Engagement

Alumni relations are an investment in the future.

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How do I build relationships with alumni?

Higher education institutions are grappling with this question. And how exactly do you build a strong alumni engagement program? If these questions were simple to answer, growing alumni participation rates would be the rule, not the exception.

Strong alumni engagement programs deliver big results.

As your strategic partner, Campbell & Company will help you analyze your communications, event plans, staffing and volunteer structure, and internal relationships between alumni relations and other departments on campus.

Our experts will harness your data, working to understand how your alumni prefer to engage with you and align strategies with data backed analysis.

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Are you investing enough in digital donor engagement?

Online giving makes up an increasingly large percentage of overall giving, now accounting for more than 12% of overall giving in the US.

Let us help you leverage your online tools and programs to retain donors and build a pipeline of future giving.

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