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Annual Giving

If philanthropy was a house, annual giving would be its foundation. 

Ready, set, grow.

Annual giving programs are dynamic, with evolving channels and practices designed to promote deeper donor engagement and stronger results. Our team of current and former frontline advancement officers can help drive every aspect of your annual giving program—the base on which all other philanthropy is built.

As the only national fundraising consulting firm with a team of adjunct annual giving specialists, we will bring you leading strategies in direct mail, telemarketing, e-philanthropy, social media, and day-of giving initiatives, to take you across the finish line.

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We Deliver Outstanding Results.

Through rigorous analysis, strategic goal setting, and collaborative thinking with your staff and leadership, we can deliver a set of recommendations for building greater capacity within your annual giving program.

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Program Audits

To examine all aspects of an institution’s annual giving program, including an analysis of past performance, reviews of staffing and organizational structure, existing budgets and segmentation strategies, analyses of mail and phone programs, and reviews of annual giving goals.

Strategic Planning

To help maximize an annual giving program, including developing a one- or three-year plan with clear goals and objectives, identifying and segmenting target markets, targeting affinity groups, articulating clear messages, developing calendars, and building a program budget.

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To help an institution measure the success of its annual giving program, evaluating areas such as participation rates, average gift size, cost per dollar raised, pledge fulfillment, donor retention rate, total dollars raised, and historical giving patterns as compared to peer institutions.

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Expertise, on-demand.

With over 90 years of combined experience managing annual giving programs, over 60 CASE awards, and hundreds of presentations at conferences, our annual giving consulting specialists have a strong knowledge of effective annual giving strategies and innovative ideas.

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Effective planning drives campaign success.

The decisions and choices that you make today in your annual giving program will impact the future success of your major and planned giving. Our expert teams will focus on acquiring, retaining, reactivating, upgrading, and stewarding donors through various tools and strategies, keeping these six best practices in mind:

Donor Segmentation

Get to know your donor base.

Diverse Communication

Connect with your unique donors in a unique way.

Persistent, Personal and Timely Outreach

Nurture valuable relationships.


Counteract attrition through strategies to engage new donors.


Create clear, measurable goals to empower your annual giving staff.

Pipeline Integration

Collaborate within your department to maximize your efforts.

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Let’s Move Your Mission Forward—Together.

We’re ready to invest in your success. Are you?

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