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Campaign Planning Study

Engaging your staff, leadership, and prospective donors in a discussion about what you’re trying to accomplish and how to get there.

Your roadmap to success.

Our Campaign Planning Services leverage quantitative and qualitative insights to evaluate the feasibility of a campaign and uncover opportunities to grow overall fundraising capacity.

As your partner, we will unpack the intricacies of campaign success, pose critical questions, and work together to determine a bold but achievable goal. We will work to address the strategic areas that underlie campaign success and organizational growth, including:

Case for Support

Which individual projects are most philanthropically compelling and next steps for communicating an overarching campaign vision to potential supporters.

Donor Engagement

Strategies and adjustments for identifying, prioritizing, and engaging prospects needed.

Volunteer Leadership

Individuals who have the potential to play leadership roles in the campaign, as well as strategies for engaging, training, and organizing volunteers.


Internal Preparedness

Adjustments to fundraising organizational structure and benchmarks for staff to ensure all fundraising is being conducted effectively and efficiently.

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Are you investing enough in digital donor engagement?

Online giving makes up an increasingly large percentage of overall giving, now accounting for more than 12% of overall giving in the US.

Let us help you leverage your online tools and programs to retain donors and build a pipeline of future giving.

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Teams deliver better results.

Campbell & Company’s team approach to campaign planning relies on partnership. Our collaborative team of experts will partner with your leadership, staff, volunteers, and donors to drive success.

We’ll roll our sleeves up, immersing ourselves in your mission, culture, and programs, and empowering you to deepen your philanthropic relationships, build institutional knowledge, and increase your fundraising results.

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We Tailor Our Services to Suit Your Unique Needs.

Whether you’re looking to reinvigorate a stalled campaign, adapting to new realities, or ready to pursue your most sky-high aspirational campaign to date, our team will carefully consider a strategy that reflects your donors, plans, and institutional strengths.

Comprehensive Campaign Strategy

Our recommendations and processes will take into account your organization’s unique situation—the challenges, the pitfalls, the triumphs—to reveal the path to a highly successful campaign.

Digital assessment

Data-driven Solutions

From what dollar goal to pursue to what prospects to prioritize, our process helps to inform these decisions with data. We pair our empirical methods with a relationship-based approach that meets donors where they are.

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A Long-Term Perspective

While we work to cultivate leadership and major individual giving during a campaign, we also focus on using campaigns to catalyze growth in fundraising. Why? Because we understand that this is today’s campaign, not your last campaign.

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Let’s Move Your Mission Forward—Together.

We’re ready to invest in your success. Are you?

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