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Ignite Brochure Spread


When we began working with IGNITE, they were racing to keep up with demand for their mission. As an organization that equips young women with the skills they need to run for political office, they had thousands of eager participants ready to step up and make their voices heard—and IGNITE was ready to meet that demand by expanding their leadership programs to all 50 states.

IGNITE needed to launch an ambitious comprehensive fundraising campaign—their first ever—to inspire philanthropic support across the country and across political parties. To meet that challenge, we created a campaign identity and brochure that could broaden IGNITE’s reach and tell a powerful story that captured the urgency and opportunity of the moment.

IGNITE Brochure Cover
IGNITE Brochure Spread

Getting to the heart of IGNITE’s work

It’s easy to understand why IGNITE’s work is essential. Our challenge was to convey the breadth of impact IGNITE has on young women from kindergarten classrooms to the campaign trail, in the simplest terms possible. With a message and image-driven brochure, we distilled IGNITE’s work down to the most central ideas behind their mission and the clearest articulation of what they do and why it matters.

“The team at Campbell and Company brought fresh eyes and new perspectives to our communications and fundraising strategy. From their on-the-ground work to high-level strategy, they gave IGNITE tools we’ll use well into the future. Through our work together, we’ve built a powerful brand, message, and strategy for IGNITE’s most extensive campaign to date.”

Kristen RogersDirector of Communications, IGNITE

The human face of a complex social challenge

As we got to know IGNITE, we heard the same thing again and again:  “I’ve never been so inspired as I was when I met an IGNITE woman running for office; I didn’t really grasp IGNITE’s work until I met the girls they serve; and  IGNITE women are going to change the world.”

We knew that the materials we created had to capture the bold and inspirational spirit of IGNITE’s young women—but on paper rather than in person. To accomplish this goal, we worked with IGNITE to identify and interview several young women about their experience with IGNITE. Through profiles and pull-quotes, we translated the complex social challenge of gender inequity into compelling and concise personal stories that resonate with their donor audience.

IGNITE Brochure Spread
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