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The Wilderness Society

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The Wilderness Society

Every communication is a donor communication, and every story is an expression of your mission. When The Wilderness Society approached us to revamp their annual report, we saw an opportunity: to create a mission-driven, message-based piece that would bring donors along with the evolving organization, convey the importance and impact of every stakeholder’s involvement, and lead to deeper, richer partnerships and donor relationships.

From Copy to Messages

Working closely with our Wilderness Society partners, we shifted from a comprehensive, text-heavy summary of the year’s work to a reader-friendly, impact-oriented approach that prioritizes key messages, carefully chosen stories, and donor impact.

The Wilderness Society Spread

“Campbell & Company partners with us in every phase of developing a donor-centric annual report. They lead conversations with our senior staff to capture their input and elicit stories that illustrate the impact of the donors’ support in our most significant achievements. Then they offer creative alternatives for themes and key messages. They contribute great ideas to photos and design that tell our story without words. The copy they write is distinctive for its eloquence, brevity and clarity. Writers this good are often divas, but our team at Campbell is a pleasure to work with: open, flexible, responsive and fast.”

Carolyn StevensDonor Communications Manager
The Wilderness Society Spread

Communicating Change

As The Wilderness Society’s work continues to evolve, with climate and equity taking a central role alongside its long-time focus on public lands protection, we’ve used the annual report to help donors understand and engage with this transition—and see how it builds on The Wilderness Society’s longstanding work.

A deep relationship—and deeper message

Across five years (and counting!), we’ve continued to advance the annual report, constantly assessing what works best and how we can better develop a concise, compelling, and informative review that inspires donors to step forward.

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